Feininger, Julia

BORN 23 Nov 1880, Berlin - DIED 7 Aug 1970, New York City, New York: Syosset Hospital
BIRTH NAME Lilienfeld, Julia
GRAVE LOCATION Hastings-on-Hudson, New York: Mount Hope Cemetery, Jackson Ave & Saw Mill Road (Section 99, Lot 125)

Julia Lilienfeld started her training as an artist in 1900 in Berlin. In 1903 she married the doctor Walter Berh. In 1905 she continued her studies in Weimar. In the same year she met the caricaturist Lionel Feininger, who was married to Clara Fürst at the time. Both divorced and in 1906 they went to Paris, where their son Andreas was born. In 1908 they married in London and they had two further sons, Laurence and Theodor Lux. In 1912 Julia particpated with her work in the exhibition "Ausstellung moderner geschnittener Silhouetten" in Berlin.

In 1919 Lionel Feininger started working for the Bauhaus and the family moved to Weimar. In 1922 Otto Dix painted her. After the Bauhaus was closed in Weimar they went to Dessau in 1926. In 1927 she obtained American citizenship. After the nazis came to power the Bauhaus in Dessau was closed as well and thet moved to Berlin. She was Jewish and on 11 November 1937 they left Germany to emigrate to the USA.

The Feiningers lived in New York City and together they published monographies on Paul Klee, Wassili Kandinsky and others. After Lionel's death in 1956 she contributed to publications on his work. After her own death in 1970 she was buried beside him at Mount Hope Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson.

• Husband: Feininger, Lyonel (1908-1956, London)


The grave of Lionel Feininger at Mount Hope Cemetery, Hastings-on-Hudson.
Picture by Androom (13 Apr 2010)


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