Siemens, Carl Georg

BORN 4 Jun 1809, Pyrmont, Niedersachen (now: Bad Pyrmont) - DIED 28 Sep 1885, Neustadt Harzburg, Niedersachsen (now: Bad Harzburg)
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg: Südwestkirchhof, Bahnhofstrasse (Block Trinitatis, Feld 3a, Erbbegräbnis 22)

Carl Georg Siemens was a distant cousing of Werner Siemens, the founder of what is now Siemens AG. He learned agriculture and from 1828 and 1832 he managed goods in Hanover. After travelling in Europe he worked as a distillery manager and in 1837 he built a sugar factory with a steam facility in Brunswick. In 1838 he became a teacher at the Königlich Württembergischen land- und forstwirtschaftlichen Akademie zu Hohenheim, where he was appointed professor in 1839. In 1868 he created the so called Hohenheimer ovens. In 1882 he retired from teaching and he lived in Bad Harzburg during the last years of his life.

He married Ottillie Denzel (1812-1882) and their daughter Antonie (1840-1900) became the second wife of Werner Siemens in 1869.


The grave of Werner von Siemens at the Südwestfriedhof, Stahnsdorf.
Picture by Androom (23 Aug 2017)


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Siemens, Carl von

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