Frankau, Ursula

BORN 25 Sep 1906 - DIED 22 Feb 1980
GRAVE LOCATION London: Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, Camden

Ursula Frankau was the daugher of the author Gilbert Frankau and his wife Dorothea Frances Markham Drummond-Black. Her sister was the successful novelist Pamela Frankau. She used the pseudonym Mary Nicholson for her own writings. In March 1932 she married Lieutenant Charles Harry d'Arch Smith of the Hampstead regiment at the Harrow Road Register Office in London. In 1936 their son Timothy d'Arch Smith was born but their marriage ended in divorce.

She wrote the novels "Ask the Brave Soldier" (1935), "Horseman on Foot" (1937) and "These Were the Young" (1938). Her unfinished novel "The Clausewitz Report" is now part of the manuscript collection of the University of Southampton.

• Father: Frankau, Gilbert
• Sister: Frankau, Pamela


The grave of Pamela Frankau at Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, London.
Picture by Androom (17 Mar 2006)


Researching the life of Pamela Frankau | University of Southampton Special Collections

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