Bragowa-Ambrosoli, Sonia

BORN 3 Aug 1903, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 16 Mar 1998, Zürich
BIRTH NAME Knieser, Gertrud Elsa
GRAVE LOCATION Ascona, Ticino: Cimitero Comunale, Via Losone (D)

Sonja Bragowa was the daughter of Oskar Knieser, the rector of the municipal gymnasium in Stuttgart. She studied at the Conservatory in Stuttgart, but she left it because she wanted to become a dancer. Little is known about her until she worked as a dancer at the Landestheater Wùrttemberg.

In 1923 she joined the dance group of Mary Wigman, who had a dance school in Dresden. After two years she was good enough to perform as a solo dancer on international stages, unsing the name Sonia Bragowa. Later she switched to the grand revue, that was very popular at that time. She toured in Italy with Teddy Stauffer and in Italy she also worked with Wanda Osiris.

She was planning to return to Germany to open her own dance school, but after a performance in Locarno she met the Swiss businessman Pierino Ambrosoli and she married him in 1932. They settled in Ascona and she gave up her career for her family. In 1941 their daughter, the businesswoman Daniela Ambrosoli, was born. She died in 1998 in Zürich.


The grave of Sonja Bragowa at the Cimitero Comunale in Ascona, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (16 Feb 2019)


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