Blos, Anna

BORN 4 Aug 1866, Liegnitz (now: Legnica) - DIED 27 Apr 1933, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
BIRTH NAME Tomasczewska, Anna Berta Antonia
GRAVE LOCATION Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Pragfriedhof, Friedhofstrasse 44

Anna Tomasczewska studied history, literature and languages in Berlin. After her studies she worked as a teacher and she became a very active suffragette in Württemberg. In 1905 she married the socialist Wilhelm Blos and they settled in Stuttgart.

She wrote articles for the socialist press and she was one of the founders of the Verband der Stuttgarter Hausfrauen and she became its president. Her husband was was prime minister of Württemberg from 1918 to 1920. After he retired they lived in an appartment in the Alte Schloss in Stuttgart. Wilhelm Blos died in 1927. In 1931 fire broke out at the Alte Schloss and she lost her appartment as well as her large library. She died in 1933.

• Husband: Blos, Wilhelm (1905-1927)


The grave of Wilhelm Blos at the Pragfriedhof, Stuttgart.
Picture by Androom (07 Mar 2015)


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