Pisis, Filippo de

BORN 11 May 1896, Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna - DIED 2 Apr 1956, Brugherio, Lombardia
BIRTH NAME Tibertelli, Luigi Filippo
GRAVE LOCATION Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna: Cimitero Monumentale della Certosa (2^ Claustro Nuovo Sud Chiesa, Numero 0201)

Filippo de Pisis studied literature and philosophy at Bologna University. In 1916 he published his first poetry, "Canti della Croara". In the same year he met Giorgio De Chirico, who was a soldier at Ferrara at the time. In 1919 he went to Rome, where he started painting. In 1920 "La cittą dalle 100 meraviglie" was published. His poetry was criticized for being too sentimental, but his paintings were much appreciated. In the 1920s it became clear to him that he was homosexual.

He went to Paris to study the works of Delacroix and Manet and lived there for fourteen years. When the Second World War broke out he returned to Italy and in 1943 he settled in Venice. His lifestyle was extravagent and in Venice he had his own gondola and a parrot named Coco. In 1948 he exhibited at the Biennale in Venice. Later in his life he suffered from a nervous disease and from 1949 until his death he lived at Villa Fiorita in Brugherio, a nursing home. He continued his painting and he died in 1956 in Milan.

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The grave of Filippo de Pisis at the Cimitero Monumentale della Certosa in Ferrara.
Picture by Androom (20 Feb 2019)


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