Underwood, Charles

BORN 1791 - DIED 5 Mar 1883, Clifton, Bristol
GRAVE LOCATION Bristol: Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road (C, right of the path that sweeps in a curve up behind the Italianate Anglican Chapel)

Charles Underwood worked as a builder in Cheltenham before he moved to Bristol. In Bristol he worked as an architect in neo-classical style. He designed the Greek revival buildings at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol and also the Worcester Terrace in Clifton, Bristol as well as further villas and terraces in Clifton.

His brothers George Allen Underwood (1792-1829) and Henry Underwood (1788-1868) were architects as well.


The grave of Charles Underwood at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2017)


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