Casalini, Armando

BORN 14 Jun 1883, Forli, Emilia-Romagna - DIED 12 Sep 1924, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Piazzale del Verano, 1 (Vecchio Reparto, on the viale Principale)

Armando Casalini came from a poor family from Forli. He took place in political protests in June 1914. Although he had a physical malformation he volunteered as a cyclist during the First World War. From July 1916 to April 1920 he was the secretary of the Partito Repubblicano Italiano (the Republican Party). After the Fasci di combattimento was founded he joined Mussolini´s party, but he left it in 1922.

After he became the deputy secretary general of the trade unions he was assasinated on a tram in Rome under the eyes of his daughter Lidia. The killer Giovanni Corvi, a communist carpenter who was described by the press as a deranged man. Mussolini was present at his funeral on 15 September 1924.


The grave of Armando Casalini at the Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Rome.
Picture by Androom (21 Feb 2020)


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