Colbran, Giovanni

BORN 1751, Nava del Rey, Valladolid - DIED 1820, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
GRAVE LOCATION Bologna, Emilia-Romagna: Cimitero monumentale della Certosa di Bologna, Via della Certosa 18 (porch of the greater field to the east, Number 6)

The violinist Giovanni Colbran worked at the Spanish court, but he left Spain to launch the acting career of his daughter Isabella. This took him first to France and then to Italy. The author Stendhal observed how he used to magnify his daughter's qualities. In 1812 he bought the Collegio di Spagna, a villa in Castenaso near Bologna. When he died in 1820 he left it to Isabella.

• Daughter: Colbran, Isabella


The tomb of Giovanni Colbran and Isabella Colbran at the Cimitero monumentale della Certosa, Bologna.
Picture by Androom (10 Feb 2017)


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