Craven, Keppel Richard

BORN 1 Jun 1779 - DIED 24 Jun 1851, Napoli, Campania
GRAVE LOCATION Napoli, Campania: Cimitero Britannico di Napoli, Via Nuova del Campo 25, Poggioreale

Keppel Graven was the youngest son of William 6th Baron Craven. His mother was elizabeth Berkely, a daughter of th 4th Earl of Berkeley. After his parents divorced when he was three years old his mother took him to France. She promised to send him back to england when he was eight years old but she didn't. In 1791 they returned to England and he went to school at Harrow incognito. But he was soon recognised and his own name was used afterwards.

His father died in 1791 and his mother immediately married Christian, Margrave of Branburg-Anbpach. After the Margrave died in 1805 he joined mother in Naples.

In 1814 he was appointed chamberlain to Caroline of Brunswick, the princess of Wales. He served her in Italy but the engagement ended when she left for Geneva. In 1820 he testified during her trial and stated that he never saw anything inappropriate during the six months that he worked for her.

In 1821 he published "A Tour through the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom of Naples". In 1823 he met Lady Blessington and they corresponded afterwards. He bought a large convent near Salerno in 1834 where he took up residence. His friend Sir William Gell lived withim until he died in 1836. In 1838 Craven published "Excursions in the Abruzzi and Northern Provinces of Naples". In 1851 he died in Naples. During his life he was a member of the Society of Dilettanti.

Related persons
• was a friend of Blessington, Margaret Gardiner, countess of
• worked for Caroline von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel


The area with the remains that were brought over from the old British Cemetery at the Cimitero Britannico di Napoli.
Picture by Androom (16 Feb 2020)


The graves of Anton Sminck von Pitloo, Oscar Meuricoffe, William Gell, Graven Richard Keppel, Margravina di Anspach and Guglielmina Solombrino Arnod at the Cimitero Britannico di Napoli in the area were remains from the old English Cemetery were reburied.
Picture by Androom (16 Feb 2020)


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