Mazzini, Giacomo

BORN 2 Mar 1767, Chiavari, Liguria - DIED 13 Dec 1848, Genova, Liguria
GRAVE LOCATION Genova, Liguria: Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Piazzale Resasco

Father of Giuseppe Mazzini. He obtained a degree in surgery in 1790 and he graduated in philosophy as well in 1792. InHe moved to Milan and in 1794 to Genoa. There he married the wealthy Maria Drago, a Jansenist. They had four children.

The law of the Republic of Genoa forbade him to practise medicine since his degree was obtained elsewhere. He became the private physician of the Marquis di Negro, who also became a close friend.

In the Napoleontic area he held several offices. When Liguria became part of kingdom of Sardinia in 1814 he resigned from his political offices and declared himself loyal to the new regime. In 1823 he became a professor of pathology and hygiene at the University of Genoa. Anatomy and physiology were added to his professorship in 1830. His later years were overshadowed by the revolutionery activities of his son Giuseppe.

• Son: Mazzini, Giuseppe


The grave of Giacomo Mazzini (father of Giuseppe Manzini) at the Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Genoa.
Picture by androom (03 Mar 2014)


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