Müller, Adelheid

BORN 12 Oct 1800, Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt - DIED 4 Apr 1883
BIRTH NAME Basedow, Adelheid von
GRAVE LOCATION Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt: Historischer Friedhof I, Chaponstrasse

Daughter of Ludwig von Basedow (1775-1835), the government president of Dessau. She was a granddaughter of the pedagogue Johann Bernard Basedow (1724-1790). In 1821 she married the poet and librarian Wilhelm Müller.

They had two children, Auguste and Friedrich Maximilian. She had a fine alt soprano voice and performed as a solo singer in 1822 at the Magdeburger Musikfest. In 1824 she also sang a solo part at an event for Klopstock in Quedlinburg. In June of 1827 she performed at a large event in Zeitz. In October of that year her husband died.

She lived until 1883 and was buried beside him in Dessau.

• Husband: Müller, Wilhelm (1821-1827)


The grave of Wilhelm Müller at the Alter Friedhof, Dessau.
Picture by Androom (30 Aug 2007)


Müller, Armin

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