Bolz, Eugen

BORN 15 Dec 1881, Rottenburg an der Neckar, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 23 Jan 1945, Berlin: Plötzensee
BIRTH NAME Bolz, Eugen Anton
CAUSE OF DEATH executed by beheading
GRAVE LOCATION Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Pragfriedhof, Friedhofstrasse 44

Eugen Bolz was the son of a colonial merchant. He studied law in Tübingen, Bonn and Berlin. In Berlin he met the politician Felix Porsch who persuaded him to become a politician as well. In 1905 he finished his studied in Tübingen by passing the state examination. In 1909 he passed his second state exam. From 1911 to 1914 he worked at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Stuttgart.

He joined the Zentrumspartei (Central Party) and was a member of the Reichstag from 1912 to 1918. During the First World War he served in Africa. In 1920 he married Maria Hoeneß from Ulm. They had a daughter. From 1920 to 1933 he was a member of the Reichstag in the Weimar Republic. In 1923 he became Minister of the Interior of Württemberg. After the Hitler Putsch in 1923 he had the local nazi party leaders arrested.

From 1928 to 1933 he was president of Württemberg. In 1932 he met Hitler and his impression was better than he had expected. He welcomed Hitler as chancellor in 1933, but after Wilhelm Murr became the new president of Württemberg Bolz was imprisoned for several weeks at the fortress Hohenasperg. After his release he worked as a tax advisor.

Early in 1942 he was in contact with the circle around Carl Friedrich Goerdeler. He was against murdering Hitler but declared himself willing to serve in a new goverment if Hitler was arrested. After the assassination attempt on Hitler on 20 July 1944 he was arrested himself on 12 August 1944. He was sentenced to death on 21 December and beheaded on 23 January 1945.


The grave of Eugen Bolz at the Pragfriedhof, Stuttgart.
Picture by Androom (07 Mar 2015)


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