Buniva, Michele

BORN 15 Jan 1761, Pinerolo, Piemonte - DIED 26 Oct 1834, Piscina, Piemonte
GRAVE LOCATION Torino, Piemonte: Cimitero Monumentale, Corso Novara (Ampliazone Primitivo Nicchione 141 Camera A)

Michele Buniva was the son of the architect Gerolamo Buniva. He studied Medicin and graduated in 1781 and practized medicine afterwards. In 1785 he became a memeber of the Agricultural Society of Turin. In 1788 he left for Paris for study and he continued his studies in London. In 1789 he was appointed extraordinary professor of Medicine by king Vittorio Amedeo III.

After he supported uprisings against the House of Savoy he was forced to leave Turin and live in the country. In 1798 the French occupied Turin and he obtained the chair for Hygiene and Forensic Medicine. After the return of the monarchists in 1799 he fled to Paris. He visited London once more and after Napoleon conquered Turin he returned to that city. In 1805 Napoleon appointed him professor of public and private hygiene. After the restoration of 1814 he was excluded from public office and resumed his work as a physician. He died in 1834 in Piscina.


The grave of Michele Buniva at the Cimitero Monumentale, Turin.
Picture by Androom (28 Feb 2014)


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