Ackermann, Wilhelm Heinrich

BORN 25 Jun 1789, Auerbach, Vogtland - DIED 27 Mar 1848, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Frankfurt am Main, Hessen: Hauptfriedhof (Gewann E, 069)

Wilhelm Ackermann was the son of a preacher. He studied theology in Leipzig from 1807 onwards. At the same time he worked as a teacher and this made him turn to J.H. Pestalozzi, with whom he studied from 1811 to 1813. In 1813 he entered the Freikorps Lützow as a volunteer and he fough with then against the French until they reached Paris. His friend Theodor Körner died in August, 1813 and he helped to dig his grave under an oak in Wöbbelin.

After the war he worked as a teacher with Pestalozzi in France and from 1819 onwards in Frankfurt am Main where he worked at the Musterschule until his retirement in 1847.


The grave of W.H. Ackermann at the Hauptfriedhof, Frankfurt am Main.
Picture by Androom (30 Apr 2013)


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