Giacometti, Paolo

BORN 19 Mar 1816, Novi Ligure, Piemonte - DIED 31 Aug 1882, Gazzuolo, Lombardia
GRAVE LOCATION Genova, Liguria: Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Piazzale Resasco (Boschetto Irregolare)

Paulo Giacometti studied law in Genoa, but when he was twenty years old he had a little success with his play "Rosilda" and he decided to turn his attention to the stage.

He worked with several travelling companies and that successfully performed his plays. In 1850 "La Donna" was staged, followed by "La Donna in seconde nozze" in 1851. His private life was tragic and he separated from his unfaithful wife. In 1854 he went to Gazzuolo (near Mantua) to help a theatre company in trouble. There he met his second wife.

Further works were "Giuditta" (1857) and "La Morte civile" (1861). A collection of his plays was published in Milan. Suffering from health problems he returned to his hometown in 1878. In 1882 he visited Gazzuolo, because of the happy moments he had spent there. He died there on August 31th.

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The grave of Paolo Giacometti at the Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Genoa.
Picture by androom (03 Mar 2014)


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