Gardiner, Samuel Rawson

BORN 4 Mar 1829, Alresford, Hampshire (near) - DIED 23 Feb 1902, Sevenoaks, Kent
GRAVE LOCATION Sevenoaks, Kent: St. Nicholas churchyard, Rectory Lane (churchyard extension)

Samuel Rawson Gardiner was the son of Rawson Boddam Gardiner. He was educated at Winchester college and at Christ Church in Oxford. In Oxford he obtained fellowships at All Soulds in 1884 and at Marton in 1892. He specialised in 17th-century English history and was a professor of modern history at King's College in London for several years.

He published a history of the Puritan Revolution and English Civil War in three series of 19 volumes. After he died in Sevenoaks in 1902 Charles Harding Firth finished his work in two further volumes.


The grave of Samuel Rawson Gardiner at St. Nicholas churchyard, Sevenoaks, Kent.
Picture by Androom (06 Feb 2012)


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