Tempesti, Giovanni Battista

BORN 9 Aug 1729, Volterra, Toscana - DIED 2 Feb 1804, Pisa, Toscana
GRAVE LOCATION Pisa, Toscana: Campo Santo, Piazza del Duomo

Giovanni Battista Tempesti studied in Pisa and Rome, where he was a pupil of Placido Costanzi (1702-1759) in 1757. For the church of San Domenico in Pisa he created scenes from the life of Chiara Gambacorti and for the Cathedral he painted the Celebration of Mass by Pope Eugenius III, now in the Museo nazionale di palazzo Reale in Pisa. For Leopold I (1747-1792) he painted the music hall in the Pitti Palace in Florence. For the church of San Vito in Pisa he created frescoes but they were destroyed during the Second World War.

When he was 42 years old he married Teresa Beaugnot and they had nine children. He died in 1804 in Pisa and was buried at the Camposanto. His monument was created by Tommaso Masi, a pupil of Canova.


The tomb of Giovanni Battista Tempesti at the Campo Santo, Pisa.
Picture by Androom (06 Feb 2011)


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