Dupree, William Thomas

BORN 4 Sep 1856 - DIED 2 Mar 1933
GRAVE LOCATION Portsmouth, Hampshire: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea

William Thomas Dupree worked for the H&G Simonds Brewery that was based in Reading. In 1890 he became the manager of the Simonds Brewery in Portsmouth and he lived there for the rest of his life. In Portsmouth he founded Portsmouth United Breweries that became a remarkable success. He was still its chairman in 1927 when it took over Rock Brewery in Brighton and became Portsmouth and Brighton United Breweries Ltd.

Dupree also served as an artillery officer for forty years. He was mayor of Portsmouth three times. After Sarh Pearce died in 1902 he became the owner of the house in Portsmouth where Charles dickens was born. In 1921 he received a baronetcy. He died in 1933 and was buried in the mausoleum at Highland Road Cemetery that was built after the death of his wife Mary in 1907.


The Mausoleum of William Thomas Dupree at Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth.
Picture by Androom (20 Jun 2010)


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