Dessoulavy, Thomas

BORN 5 May 1801, London - DIED 28 Oct 1869, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Acattolico, Via Caio Cestio 6 (Zona Prima, 13.55 (765))

Thomas Dessoulavy moved to Rome at an early age. In 1819 he was a student under the Swiss painter Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833). He worked in Rome as a landscape painter all his life and was often asked to guide visitors through the city. Around 1828/1829 and in 1839 he stayed in Naples. From 1846 to 1848 he exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.


The grave of Thomas Dessoulavy at the Cimitero Acattolico, Rome.
Picture by Androom (23 Jan 2010)


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