Fernández, Mariano

BORN 9 Apr 1814, Madrid: Calle del Barco - DIED 23 Jan 1890, Madrid: Calle de la Cruz
GRAVE LOCATION Madrid: San Lorenzo y San Jose, Calle de la Verdad (next to Southern general Cemetery) (2nd patio)

Mariano Fernández entered the Conservatory in Madrid in 1830 where he received acting lessons. José Garcia Luna was his teacher. In 1834 he was engaged at the Teatro del Principe. After engagements in Sevilla and Cádiz he was brought back to Teatro del Principe by Julián Romea in 1840. In the 1850s he performed at the Teatro del Circo. He appeared more than 80 times in the comedy "La redoma encantada". At his house at the Calle de la Cruz he had a small theatre museum. He died there in 1890.


The grave of Mariano Fernández at the cementerio San Lorenzo y San Jose, Madrid.
Picture by Androom (07 May 2012)


Ferner, Max

Published: 10 Mar 2022
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