Gervinus, Georg Gottfried

BORN 20 May 1805, Darmstadt, Hessen - DIED 18 Mar 1871, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg: Bergfriedhof, Rohrbacher Strasse (Abteilung H)

Georg Gervinus was educated as a bookseller in Bonn and as a merchant in Darmstadt. From 1825 to 1827 he studied at the University of Giessen and from 1827 to 1829 he studied history, philology and philosophy in Heidelberg. He was appointed professor of history and literature in Heidelberg in 1835. In 1836 he moved to the University of Göttingen, but after he protested against the violation of the consitution in Hanover as one of the Göttinger Seven, he was removed from his chair and banished from Hanover.

Between 1835 and 1842 he published his "Geschichte der deutschen Nationalliteratur". In 1844 he became a professor again in Heidelberg and in 1848 he was a member of the parliament in Frankfurt am Main. In 1853 he was sentenced to two months of imprisonment for publishing democratic writings, but this sentenced was withdrawn and his prosecution stopped. In 1863 he became a member of the Bavarian Academy of Science.

Related persons
• was pupil of Schlosser, Friedrich Christoph


The grave of Georg Gervinus at the Bergfriedhof, Heidelberg.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 2010)


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