Pulkowski, Horst

BORN 1908 - DIED 10 Feb 1939, Madras
CAUSE OF DEATH plane crash
GRAVE LOCATION Schliersee, Bayern: Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Seestrasse

Horst Pulkowski was a lieutenant colonel with the German Luftwaffe. On 17 December 1938 he departed with a Arado AR 79 V3 sport plane from Berlin to make a journey to Sydney together with lieutenant Rudolf Jenett. From 29 December to 31 December 1939 they flew non stop from Benghazi in Libya to Gaya in the British-Indies. This amounted to 6,400 kilometers and was a world record for this type of plane. On 15 January 1939 they arrived in Darwin.

During the way back they made a demonstration flight near Madras in India where they collided with a huge bird of prey and crashed. Jenett survived, but Pulkowski and their Indian passenger died. Afterwards he and Jenett received the Adolf Hitler Prize for powered flight for 1938.


The grave of Horst Pulkowski at the Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Schliersee, Bavaria.
Picture by Androom (03 Sep 2013)


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