Dreher, Konrad

BORN 30 Oct 1859, München, Bayern - DIED 7 Oct 1944, Fessenheim, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Schliersee, Bayern: Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Seestrasse

Konrad Dreher was the son of a carpenter from Munich. His father was mentally ill and was treated in Giesingen since 1860. Konrad was apprenticed to a businessman but soon he turned to acting. He appeared in Augsburg, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt am Main and Ingolstadt but he became well known for his performance in folk plays at the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich.

In 1889 he met Xaver Terofal in Berlin and in 1892 they founded the Schlierseer Bauer Theater in schliersee, Bavaria. Benno Raucheneggers "Jägerblut" was the first performance on 24 June 1892. The theatre worked without professional actors and only brought talented amateurs on the stage. With his company he travelled in Austria and Switzerland. In 1895-1896 they visited the USA.

In 1907 he staged Leo Fall's "Der fidele Bauer" in Munich with himself acting the title part. In 1909 and 1912 he performed as a solo artist in the USA. After the First World War he appeared in some silent movies. In 1939 Adolf Hitler made him Actor of State and in the same year he retired. He was evacuated during the Second World War and died in Fessenheim. He was buried in Schliersee.

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• was painted by Trübner, Wilhelm


The grave of Konrad Dreher at the Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Schliersee, Bavaria.
Picture by Androom (03 Sep 2013)


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