Salgari, Emilio

BORN 22 Aug 1862, Verona, Veneto - DIED 25 Apr 1911, Torino, Piemonte: Corso Casale 205
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide (seppuku)
GRAVE LOCATION Verona, Veneto: Cimitero Monumentale, Piazzale del Cimitero (Zona 1 Barbieri, Pantheon Ingenio Claris, Nr. 31)

Emilio Salgari came from a modest family of merchants. He read many adventure novels during his youth and that resulted in his application for the marine academy in Verona. But he was sent away after bad results. He worked as a reporter for the daily paper La Nuova Arena, that published some of his own adventure novels as serials. He claimed to have explored several parts of the earth and suggested that his stories were based on his own experienes.

He married Ida Peruzzi, known as Aida. It was a happy marriage and they had four children. But in 1889 his father committed suicide and in 1903 Ida fell ill and Emilio struggled to pay her medical bills. He fell into a depression and he tried to commit suicide in 1910. In 1911 Ida was comittted to a mental institution amd soon afterwards he killed himself by imitating the Japanese ritual of seppuku. One of their sons commited suicide as well in 1933.

Salgari wrote over 200 adventure novels and his stories were so popular that his publisher hired others to write under his name.


The grave of Emilio Salgari at the Cimitero Monumentale in Verona, Veneto.
Picture by Androom (28 Aug 2022)


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