Dawison, Bogumil

BORN 15 May 1818, Warshaw - DIED 1 Feb 1872, Dresden, Sachsen
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Alter Annenfriedhof, Chemnitzer Strasse 32 (W 175)

The Jewish actor Bogumil Dawison made his stage debut when he was nineteen years old. In 1839 he was engaged in Lemberg. He worked in Hamburg in 1847 with notable success. He married Wanda von Ostaja-Starzewska in Hamburg in 1848. From 1849 to 1852 was a member of the Burgtheater in Vienna.

From 1852 to 1864 he worked at the Hoftheater in Dresden, but he frequently appeared at other theatres because of his endless quarrels with fellow actor Emil Devrient. In 1859 he appeared at the celebration of the centenary of Schiller's Birth in Paris.

Although he was given an engagement for life in Dresden in 1864, he resigned. In 1866 he visited the USA where he performed 76 times. On his return to europe he lost his memory and a few months later he was completely insane. He died in 1972 in Dresden.

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• worked for Laube, Heinrich


The grave of Bogumil Dawison at the Alter Annenfriedhof, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (06 Aug 2016)


Der Alter Annenfriedhof in der Chemnitzer Stra├če, Plauen - dresdner-stadtteile.de

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