Valentin, Barbara

BORN 15 Dec 1940, Wien - DIED 22 Feb 2002, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Ledersteger, Brigitte Barbara
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Ostfriedhof, St.-Martins-Platz 1 (left wall 183)

Daughter of movie art director Hans Ledersteger (1898-1971) and actress Irmgard Alberti. After her parents divorced she grew up in Bruchsal. When she was 19 she moved to Munich and during the 1960s she played in erotical movies like "In Frankfurt sind die Nächte Heiss" (1966).

In the early 1970s Rainer Werner Fassbinder enabled her to start a new career when he offered her parts in "Nora Helmer" (1973) and "Effi Briest" (1974). She was in three more Fassbinder movies.

She married three times and among her husbands was director Helmut Dietl (1976-1983). In 1984-1985 she lived with Freddie Mercury. After his death she was active for organisations against AIDS. In 2001 she suffered a stroke. She was in a come and then in a wheelchair until she died early in 2002.

Related persons
• cooperated with Fassbinder, Rainer Werner


The grave of Barbara Valentin at the Ostfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (19 Jan 2004)


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