Ales, Mikolas

BORN 18 Nov 1852, Mirotice (near Pisek) - DIED 10 Jul 1913, Praha: Vinohrady
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Vysehrad Cemetery (12B-60 (112))

Mikolas Ales was the son of a father who hadn't been alble to complete his philosophy studies in Prague. He grew up in Mirotice near Pisek. He was educated in Mirotice and Pisek before he went to Prague to study art after his mother died in 1869.

There he attended the Academy of Arts, but he learned most by studying the work of Josef Manes. During the summer he returned to his native region and painted the country life.

In 1879 he married Marina KailovŠ and he went to Italy. When he was back he worked in Prague and other cities and he made paintings and illustrations for houses, books, magazins, calendars and cards. His work was very popular during his lifetime and more than 5.000 pictures by his hand were published. Among his best known work is the redecoration of the foyer of the Czech National Theatre in Prague.


The grave of Mikolas Ales at Vysehrad Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2000)


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