Brugsch-Pascha, Heinrich Karl

BORN 18 Feb 1827, Berlin - DIED 9 Sep 1894, Berlin: Charlottenburg
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Evangelischer Luisenfriedhof III, Fürstenbrunner Weg 65-67 (Feld CII-15-20/21)

Although his education was modest, Heinrich Brugsch caught the eye of king Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Alexander von Humboldt, by pioneering in deciphering the demotic script. He was enabled to study in Berlin and in 1851 Von Humboldt was a witness at his wedding. The king financed his first trip to Egypt in 1853, where he met the French archeologist Auguste-Édouard Mariette.

Back in Berlin he wrote an essay on Hegel's philosophy at the University of Berlin. He became a private teacher and also assistant to Joseph Pasalacqua at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

He travelled again to Egypt and then to Persia with J.H. Minutoli. In 1864 he became Prussian consul in Cairo. In 1868 he returned to Germany where he became Professor of Egyptology at the University of Göttingen. In 1870 the went back to Egypt to lead the Egyptian School in Cairo. In 1879 he returned to Berlin and in 1881 Egypt awarded him the title of Pascha. He continued travelling abroad and in 1886 he became a professor at the University of Berlin.

• Son: Brugsch, Theodor


The grave of Heinrich Brugsch-Pascha at the Evangelischer Luisenfriedhof III, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (29 Mar 2007)


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