Mácha, Karel Hynek

BORN 16 Nov 1810, Praha - DIED 5 Nov 1836, Litomerice
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Vysehrad Cemetery (10D-126 (140))

Karel Mácha was an important czech poet of Romanticism. He was influenced by the great romantics Lord Byron and Novalis and he wrote lyrical and epical poems as well as historical works. His main work was "Máj" (1836).

In 1836 he went to Litomericet to live among the hills and the mountains, preparing for the exams of his law school in Praque. He worked there for a law firm, but he had been there only for 38 days when he died on the early morning of November 6th, exactly on the day that he would have married his fiancee Lora Somkova. They already had an illegitimate son.

The cause of his death may have been cholera and his date of death was given as November 5th so that he could be buried one day earlier. After his death he became a symbol of rebellion against society. At the Petrin Park in Prague a statue was erected for him.

Related persons
• was influenced by Byron, George Noel Gordon


Karel Mácha's grave at Vysehrad Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2000)


The grave of Karel Mácha at the Vysehrad Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (13 Aug 2019)


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