Steiner, Felix Martin

BORN 23 May 1898, Stallupönen, Ostpreussen - DIED 17 May 1966, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Steiner, Felix Martin Julius
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Friedhof am Perlacher Forst, Stadelheimer Straße, Obergiesing (201-A-16)

Felix Martin Steiner distinguished himself as a young lieutenant during the First World War. In 1933 he became a member of the NSDAP and the SA and in 1935 he joined the SS. In 1940 he was put in command of the SS division Viking, a corps of volunteers that fought against the Russians.

In May 1943 he became the commander of the Third Panzerkorps. In 1945 Hitler ordered him to come to the rescue of Berlin, but he responded that he didn't have the troops to do it. After the war he was imprisoned in Nürnberg until 1948. In that year it was decided that he had committed no war crimes and he was released. He wrote several books.


The grave of Felix Steiner at the Friedhof am Perlacher Forst, Munich.
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2010)


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