Isabella, archduchess of Austria

BORN 17 Nov 1887, Bratislava - DIED 6 Dec 1973, La Tour-de-Peilz, Vaud
BIRTH NAME Isabella Maria Theresia Christine Eugenie von Austria-Teschen
GRAVE LOCATION Anholt, Nordrhein-Westfalen: Fürstliche Salm-Salmsche Familiengruft, Regniet

Isabella von Austria-Teschen was the seventh child of Friedrich, Duke of Teschen and his wife Princess Isabella of Croÿ. On 10 February 1912 she married her distant cousin George of Bavaria at ScHönbrunn Palace in Vienna in the presence of the emperor Francis-Joseph.

She seems to have second thoughts ot the marriage, but was forced to go on with it and she had to renounce her rights to the Austrian and Hungarian thrones, which she did. The honeymoon went to Wales, Paris and Algiers, but the couple quarreled continuously and separated before they returned to Bavaria. After three days in Bavaria she returned to Vienna and refused to go to Bavaria again. In 1913 the Bavarian supreme court dissolved the marriage. Because the marriage hadn't been consumed the Roman Church annuled the marriag and she recovered her rights as a member of the royal house of Austria.

She was expected to enter a convent, but she worked as a nurse during the First World War instead. Possibly she became engaged to the Viennsese surgeon Paul Albrecht (1873-1928), but after Francis-Joseph forbade the marriage she never married again.

She died in 1973 in Switserland and according to her own request she was buried in the Salm-Salm Family Chapel in Anhalt where her sister Christine had been buried in 1962.

• Husband: Georg, Prinz von Bayern (1912-1913, Wien: Schönbrunn)


The Salm-Salm family Chapel in Anholt.
Picture by Androom (09 April 2016)


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