BORN 22 Jun 1882, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland: Reguliersbreestraat 49 - DIED 25 Jul 1961, Hilversum, Noord-Holland
BIRTH NAME Grönloh, Jan Hendrik Frederik
CAUSE OF DEATH brain thrombosis
GRAVE LOCATION Amsterdam, Noord-Holland: Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, Kruislaan 126 (03-79-119)

Son of a blacksmith and shopowner. He worked as a clerk in Hengelo and Amsterdam and in 1905 he married Aagje Tiket. They had four daughters. He started writing under the name of Nescio to keep his two careers separated. He is now best known for his three novels "De uitvreter" (1911), "Titaantjes" (1915) and "Dichtertje" (1918), but at the time they hardly attracted attention.

Only after the Second World War he was better known and in 1954 he received the Marianne Philips award. Shortly before he died in 1961 a new collection of his short stories was published. Most of his writings were first published after his death and he is better known now than during his life.


The grave of Nescio at Nieuwe Ooster cemetery, Amsterdam.
Picture by Androom (23 May 2008)


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