Saalborn, Liane

BORN 6 Jan 1923, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland - DIED 22 Nov 1989, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
BIRTH NAME Zaalborn, Liane Helena
GRAVE LOCATION Amsterdam, Noord-Holland: Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, Kruislaan 126 (03-41-014)

Daughter of the actor Louis Saalborn. Director Alexander Saalborn was her grandfather. She debuted in the theatre in 1943 and acted frequently until 1959. In 1949 she married the actor Lo van Hensbergen (1917-1987).

In later years she had some smaller parts in movies and television productions. She appreared in the movies "Pastorale 1943" (1978) and "Sprong naar de liefde" (1982). After she died in 1989 she was buried in her father's grave at the Nieuw Oosterbegraafplaats in Amsterdam.

• Father: Saalborn, Louis


The grave of Louis Saalborn and Liane Saalborn at Nieuwe Ooster cemetery, Amsterdam.
Picture by Androom (23 May 2008)


Saalborn, Louis

Published: 25 Jan 2015
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