Chaplin, Sydney

BORN 16 Mar 1885, London - DIED 16 Apr 1965, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes
BIRTH NAME Hill, Sydney John
GRAVE LOCATION Clarens, Vaud: Cimetière

Elder half brother of Charlie Chaplin. His father is unknown. After his mother Hannah Hill married Charles Chaplin Sr in 1885 his name became Sydney John Chaplin. Sydney and Charles Jr were close during their youth. Charlie was the first to go onto the stage, but Sydney soon followed. He went to the USA and for Keystone he made several comedies and he also appeared in "A Submarine Pirate" in 1915.

Sydney became Charlie's busines manager and appeared himself in several movies during the 1920s. Together with Emery Rogers he founded The Syd Chaplin Airline, the first privately owned domestic airline in the USA. It was soon in operation, but when legislation starting to show its face he withdrew from aviation. In 1928 he made his last movie appearance in "A Little Bit of Fluff".

In 1936 his first wife Minnie Gilbert (they married in 1910) died of cancer in France. After World War II he mostly lived in Europe and his second wife Henriette ('Gypsy', they married in 1939) survived him. He had no children.

Related persons
• is half-brother/half-sister of Chaplin, Charly


The grave of Sydney Chaplin at the cemetery in Clarens, Vaud.
Picture by Androom (05 Dec 2007)


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