Bülow, Bernhard, Fürst von

BORN 3 May 1849, Hamburg: Klein Flottbeck (near Altona) - DIED 28 Oct 1929, Roma, Lazio
BIRTH NAME Bülow, Bernhard Heinrich Martin Karl von
GRAVE LOCATION Hamburg: Nienstedtener Friedhof, Rupertistrasse 37, Nienstedten (Abt. 16 D, Nr. 45a-d (ashes))

Bernard von Bülow was the son of the diplomat Bernhard Ernst von Bülow (1815-1879) and his wife Luise Victorine Rücker. He studied law in Lausanne, Berlin and Leipzig. In 1870/1871 he entered the Franco-Prussian War as a volunteer. In 1872 he left active service. He worked in Metz and St. Peterburg before he was engaged as attaché at the German embassy in Rome and in 1877 as chargé d'affaires in Athens. In 1878 he was transferred to the German embassy in Paris. He was told to spy on the banker Adolf Wilhelm von Kessler (183-1895) and caused a scandal when he tried to seduced Kessler's wife Alice and failed.

In 1884 moved to a diplomatic position in St. Petersburg. He married the Italian noblewoman Maria Beccadelli di Bologna in 1886. He became ambassador in Bucharest in 1888 and in Rome in 1893. After his return to Berlin in 1897 he became State Secretary of Foreign Affairs under Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst. In 1900 he was apponted Chancellor as well as Prime Minister of Prussia and Wilhelm II stated that he shoud become 'his Bismarck'. In 1902 he gave a speech against Joseph Chamberlain and after that Anglo-German relations were difficult.

After an interview by Wilhelm II caused a scandal in England he was blamed for not checking the text. He didn't defend Wilhelm II in the German parliament and lost the emperor's trust. He resigned on 14 July 1909. He moved to Rome, where he had bought the Villa Malta in 1907. There he wrote his memoriabilia that were meant to be published after his death. Maria died in Rome on 26 January 1929 and Bernard von Bülow in the same city on 28 October. His memorabilia were published in 1930-1931 in four volumes.

• Wife: Beccadelli di Bologna, Maria, Marchesa di Altavilla, Principessa di Camporeale (1886-1929, Wien)

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The grave of Bernard, Fürst von Bülow and Maria Beccadelli di Bologna at the Nienstedtener Friedhof, Hamburg.
Picture by Androom (03 Feb 2023)


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