Manfredi, Saturnini "Nino"

BORN 22 Mar 1921, Castro dei Volsci, Lazio - DIED 4 Jun 2004, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Piazzale del Verano, 1 (Ampliamento, Gruppo I Monumentale, row 97, grave 54)

Nino Manfredi came from a family of farmers, His father found work in Rome and there he grew up. In 1937 he fell ill with pleurisy and he was expected to die soon. However, he spent several years in a sanatorium and there learned to play the banjo. In 1941 was entered at university, but during the same year he became interested in the stage.

In 1943 he fled for concription in the army. After living in the mountains for a year he returned to Rome in 1944. There he returned to University and he also entered the National Academy of Dramatic Art. In 1945 graduated in law but he never practised it.

His stage debut was in 1947 and soon he also started working as a coedian. In 1949 he was in his first movie, "Monastero di Santa Chiara". In 1955 he married the model Erminia Ferrari (b.1931) and the marriage lasted until his death. They had a son, Luca, and two daughters, Roberta and Giovanna.

Towards the end of the 1950s he became very popular in Italy and in 1962 he played the title part in the musical "Rugantino". During the 1960s he was successful in many more movies and in 1972 he had a television success as Gepetto in "The Adventures of Pinocchio". In the 1980s he was also active as a playwright.

From 1993 onwards he suffered from health problems and his memory was damaged. He performed his last part in 2003 and died in 2004 in Rome. In 2014 the tenth anniversary of his death was remebered in many places, including New York and Paris.


The grave of Saturnini Manfredi at the Cimitero Monumentale al Verano, Rome.
Picture by Androom (24 Jan 2010)


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