Stacquet, Henri

BORN 25 Nov 1838, Brussel - DIED 20 Nov 1906, Brussel: Schaerbeek
GRAVE LOCATION Brussel: Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Schaarbeek, Rue d’Evere 4, Evere

Henri Staquet was the son of Melchior Victor Hugo Stacquet (1799-1886) and Marie Catherine Dussart. His brother Adolphe (1836-1883) was a banker.

Henri was educated at the Academy in Brussels. Initially he wasn't a professional artist and worked at the National Bank of Belgium. He made friends with many artists and in 1870 he debuted at the salon in Ghent under a pseudonym.

He mostly painted landscapes and maritime subjects. He actively exposed with the Société Royale Belge des Aquarellistes and in 1901 he became its president.


The grave of Henri Stacquet at the cemetery of Schaerbeek, Brussels.
Picture by Androom (14 Mar 2008)


Staegemann, Elisabeth von

Published: 14 Jan 2018
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