Cagnola, Luigi, Marchese

BORN 9 Jun 1762, Milano, Lombardia - DIED 14 Aug 1833, Inverigo, Lombardia
GRAVE LOCATION Milano, Lombardia: Cimitero Monumentale, Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale (Famedio)

The neo-classical architect Luigi Cagnoa was educated at the Clementine College in Rome. He continued his studies at the University of Pavia. Although he was meant to enter the legal profession, his passion for architecture prevailed. After his father died he went to Verona and Venice, where he studied the architectural aspects of these cities.

In 1806 he was commissioned with a triumphal arch for the marriage of Eugène de Beuharnais. His wooden arch was so beautiful that it was decided that it would be constructed in marble. This resulted in the Arco della Pace in Milan. He also created the Porta di Marengo in Milan. He also designed the Arco del Sempione but he died in 1833, five years before it was completed.


The gravesite of Luigi Cagnola at the Famedio, Cimitero Monumentale, Milan.
Picture by Androom (26 Jan 2007)


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