Vízvári, Mariska

BORN 27 May 1877, Budapest - DIED 9 Jan 1954, Budapest
BIRTH NAME Viszkidenszky, Mária
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (34/1-3-19)

Mariska Vízvári came from a family of actors. Her father was Gyula Vízváry (1841-1908). she graduated in 1896 from the Drama Academy in Budapest and was engaged at the National Theatre. In 1928 she became a member for life.

In 1935 she retired from the National Theatre but afterwards she performed at other theatres in Budapest. Between 1935 and 1948 she also appeared in many movies. She also published a cookbook. Actor Gyula Tapolczai (1903-1954) was her son.


The grave of Mariska Vízvári at the Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest (at the right).
Picture by androom (20 Aug 2006)


A Nemzeti Panteon Fiumei Úti Sírkertje (Kerepesi Temetö) Térképe, 1990
Vízvári Mariska – Wikipédia

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