Fischer, Annie

BORN 5 Jul 1914, Budapest - DIED 10 Apr 1995, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Farkasrét cemetery (6/1-1-26)

Annie Fischer debuted at age 10 and studied classical piano at the Franz Liszt academy in Budapest under Ernst von Dohnányi. In 1933 she won First Prize at the Liszt International Piano Competition. In 1936 she married the musicologist Aladar Toth. She was Jewish and after the war broke out she fled to Sweden. In 1946 she returned to Hungary.

She specialized in Mozart and Beethoven, as well as Bartok. In 1961 she debuted in New York, but she hardly performed outside continental Europe. She received the Kossuth Prize three times: in 1949, 1955 and 1965. In 1965 she became a Honorary Professor of the Budapest Academy of Music.

Only after her death her recordings of the 32 piano sonatas by Beethoven were released. She had been working on them for almost 20 years.


The grave of Annie Fischer at the Farkasrét cemetery in Budapest.
Picture by androom (21 Aug 2006)


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