Márkus, Emília

BORN 10 Sep 1860, Szombathely, Vas - DIED 24 Dec 1949, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (33-1-18)

Great tragic Hungarian actress, famous for dramatical as well as humorous parts. She came from a noble family and her brother József Márkus became mayor of Budapest. When she graduated from the Actor's Academy in 1878 she had already been contracted by the National Theatre (1877), where she was engaged until her death.

Her career lasted seventy years and there were parts that she performed for decades. On 07/06/1888 she married the art collector Károly Pulszky (1853-1899), who was a founder of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Their daughter Romola Pulszky married the dancer Nijinski. Her husband went into exile after a political scandal broke out that was related to art purchases. He committed suicide in Brisbane in 1899. On 12 May 1903 she married Oscar Pardany.

• Daughter: Pulszky, Romola


The grave of Emília Márkus at the Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest.
Picture by androom (20 Aug 2006)


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