Diederichs, Eugen

BORN 22 Jun 1867, Löbitz (near Naumburg an der Saale) - DIED 10 Sep 1930, Jena, Thüringen
GRAVE LOCATION Jena, Thüringen: Nordfriedhof, Hufelandweg 4 (Feld 11, Erbbegr. Nr. 17/18)

Eugen Diederichs grew up in Naumburg and he worked as a steward at several farms. In 1888 he went to Halle to train as a bookseller with the publisher Eugen Strien. In 1892 he travelled to Switzerland and Spain and ended in Bordeaux. Possibly his trips were related to nervous breakdowns he suffered at an early age. In 1896 he moved to Italy, where he founded a publishing house in Florence. His publication of "Die deutsche Revolution 1848/49" (1897) by Hans Blum was a success. He moved his publishing house to Leipzig in the same year.

In 1898 he married the author Helene Voight. They had four children. In 1904 the family and the publishing house moved to Jena. He published classical works, but also Friedrich Hölderlin, Friedrich von Schlegel, Bettina von Arnim and Friedrich Schleiermacher. He admired John Ruskin and published his books in German. His wife was also among his authors, but because of her affairs a crisis in their marriage occurred in 1908 and they were divorced in 1911. In 1916 he married the author Lulu von Strauß und Torney. During his last years he moved closer to the nazis. He died in 1930 in Jena and his sons Niels and Peter conttinued the publishing house.

• Wife: Strauss und Torney, Lulu von (1916-1937, Bückeburg, Niedersachsen)
• Wife: Voigt-Diederichs, Helene Theodora (1898-1911)


The grave of Eugen Diederichs and Lulu Strauss und Torney at the Nordfriedhof, Jena.
Picture by Androom (02 Aug 2016)


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