Gore, Catherine

BORN 12 Feb 1798, London - DIED 29 Jan 1861, Linwood, Renfrewshire
BIRTH NAME Moody, Catherine Grace Frances
GRAVE LOCATION London: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green (058/3 (15402))

Catherine Gore was the daugter of the wine merchant Charles Moody. Her father died soon after her birth and her mother married the physician Charles Nevison afterwards. Catherine wrote from an early age and was nicknamed "The Poetess". She married Captain charles Gore in 1823.

In 1824 her first book was published, "Theresa Marchmont, or the Maid of Honor". "Pin Money" (1831) was her first big success. Many further books followed in rapid succesion. Her drama "School for Coquettes" was produced at the Haymarket in 1831. Her best known book was "Cecil, or Adventures of a Coxcomb" (1841).

Her books were very popular during her lifetime and novel "Quid pro Quo" (1844) was the subject of a parody by William Makepeace Thackeray in his "Novels by Eminent Hands". She mostly lived in continental Europe and continued writing until her death in 1861.

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• was published by Bentley, Richard


The grave of Catherine Gore at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (25 Mar 2016)


Paths of Glory, The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery, London, 1997

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