Stirner, Max

BORN 25 Oct 1806, Bayreuth, Bayern - DIED 25 Jun 1856, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Schmidt, Caspar
CAUSE OF DEATH fever after being stung by an insect
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Evangelischer Friedhof der Sophiengemeinde II, Bergstrasse 29 (V-8-53)

Max Stirner studied theology and philosophy in Berlin, where he attended lectures by Hegel. He continued his studies in Erlangen at the time that Ludwig Feuerbach was also a student there.

Back in Berlin he was a member of a group of philosophers called "Die Freien". They were seen as followers of Hegel. He often met Friedrich Engels and possibly met Karl Marx as well. His best known work ""Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum" ("The Ego and its Own") was meant against Feuerbach and Proudhon and it was criticized by Engels and Marx.

He had married a servant but she died in childbirth in 1838. In 1843 he married the intellectual Marie Dähnhardt (1818-1902), but they divorced in 1846. In 1856 he died of a fever that resulted from an insect bite.

Related persons
• was opponent of Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas
• was pupil of Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
• was pupil of Schleiermacher, Friedrich


The grave of Max Stirner at the Evangelischer Friedhof der Sophiengemeinde II, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2008)


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