Visetti, Mary Jane

BORN 1854 - DIED 14 Apr 1945
BIRTH NAME Diehl, Mary Jane
GRAVE LOCATION Brookwood, Surrey: Brookwood Cemetery (Plot 123)

Mary Jane Sager was the daughter of Edward Diehl, a successful businessman from Philadelphia. She ran off with the Englishman Wallace Sager and married him. He died of yellow fever and she was a young widow when she met Radclyffe Radclyffe-Hall in Southport, Lancashire in 1878. Her aunt had married his nephew and she married him on 2 Jul 1878 at St. Andrew's Parish Church in Southport.

Their first child died in infancy and their second child was the famous lesbian author Radclyffe Hall, whose real first name was Marguerite. Her parents divorced in 1883 and she wasn't loved by her hysterical mother, who married the singing teacher Alberto Visetti in 1890. Not hindered by the marriage, Visetti continued his affairs with his female students. Visetti died in 1928 and Mary Jane lived until 1945. After her death she was buried beside him at Brookwood Cemetery in Woking.

• Daughter: Hall, Radclyffe
• Husband: Visetti, Alberto (1890-1928, Southport, Lancashire: St. Andrew's Church)


The grave of Alberto Visetti at Brookwood Cemetery, Woking.
Picture by Androom (25 Jun 2009)


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