Vischer, Peter, der Ältere

BORN c1455, Nürnberg, Bayern - DIED 7 Jan 1529, Nürnberg, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Nürnberg, Bayern: St. Rochus Friedhof, Gostenhof (nr 90)

Peter Vischer was the son of Hermann Vischer. In 1485 he married Margarete Groß and in 1493 his second wife Dorothea died. He had a third wife, Margaretha, who died in 1522.

Vischer became a 'master' in 1489 and and he received a commission to create a monument for the grave of Saint Sebaldus. In 1494 Philip, Elector Palatine to Heidelberg, asked for his services. But he soon returned to Nürnberg, where his fame was rising.

In 1505 he was able to buy a house at the Katharinengraben in Nürnberg. In 1506 he visited Krakau. In 1508 he fianlly started the execution of the Saint Sebaldus grave and it was finally unveiled on 19 Jul 1519, 31 years after he started working on the design.

Vischer also created works for Breslau, Magdeburg, Regensburg, Erfurt and other places. He died in 1529 in Nürnberg.


The grave of Peter Vischer the Elder at the Rochus cemetery, Nürnberg.
Picture by Androom (19 Aug 2003)


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