Berény, Robert

BORN 18 Mar 1887, Budapest - DIED 10 Sep 1953, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Farkasrét cemetery (21-1-25/26)

Robert Berény stueid under Tivadar Zemplényi before he left for Paris. There he was influenced by the work of Cézanne. He created works of expressionism and cubism. In 1913 he painted the portrait of Bela Bartók. He was a member of the "Group of Eight" that introduced modern art to Hungary.

In 1919 he moved to Berlin, but in 1926 he returned to Hungary. After 1934 he worked at Zebegény. In 1936 he received the Szinnyei Prize. In 1945 his studio and many of his works were destroyed. Afterwards he became a teacher at an art school.


The grave of Robert Berény at the Farkasrét cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (23 Aug 2002)


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