MednyŠnszky, Ladislav

BORN 23 Apr 1852, Beckov, Povazie - DIED 17 Apr 1919, Wien
BIRTH NAME MednyŠnszky, Ladislaus Josephus Balthasar Eustachius
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (34/2-1-43)

Impressionist painter. He came from an aristocratic family, but he spent most of his time travelling through Europe and working as a painter.

In 1863 he met Thomas Ender when the latter visited Nagyor. Ender took care of his drawing abilities. In 1872-1873 he studied at the Academy of Art in Munich and he continued his studies at the …cole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1875 he started as an independent artist in Montmartre.

In 1877 he returned to Nagyor, but soon he was travelling all over Europe. He lived in Paris, Budapest and Vienna. During the First World War he worked as a war correspondent in Galicia, Serbia and Tirol. He was wounded during the war and suffered from poor health afterwards. In 1919 he died in Vienna.


The grave of Ladislav MednyŠnszky at the Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (20 Aug 2002)


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