Farina, Johann Maria

BORN 8 Dec 1685, Santa Maria Maggiore, Piedmont - DIED 25 Nov 1766, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
BIRTH NAME Farina, Giovanni Maria
GRAVE LOCATION Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen: Friedhof Melaten, Aachener Strasse 204 (HWG NS zwischen Lit A und B, Grabnr. 16-17 u. 18-19)

Giovanni Maria Farina was born in Italy. After he moved to Cologne he worked in his brother's perfume factory. In 1700 he created a fragrance that he named Eau de Cologne. It was different from the fragrances that were usual in those days and it put Cologne on the map of cities of perfume.

After 1800 many tried to copy his product and since there was no way of protecting the name in that time many fragrances were called Eau de Cologne.

There is a statue of Farina at the Town Hall of Cologne. Until this day the Farina family produces Eau the Cologne.


The grave of Farina at the Melatenfriedhof, Köln.
Picture by Androom (16 Nov 2001)


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Published: 29 Nov 2009
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